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Who, what and how we are

We from IZLOG are actually a group of curious people who like to play, research and move the limits of standard ways of advertising.

We work in Muntić, a picturesque village 10 km from Pula, where people are still not completely oblivious to the difference between significant and insignificant things in life. We conceive and realize nearly everything we come up with, regardless of whether it's our ideas or your ideas. The realization itself is our sweetest torment and our biggest challenge...

Denis started the whole thing with storefront arranging (this is where the company name comes from). However, he strayed away from this path. There's five of us: Denis («El Capo»), Danijel and Bojan (graphic designers), Boris and Dino (Jacks of all trades). Last, but certainly not least or less influential, there is our temporary member, the chief's wife, because behind every great man...